It is easy to use a Canter unexpectedly and is attractive

In the transportation company where I work, it is a Canter recently to have been introduced newly.
I buy this used car and introduced it, but it is easy to run it than this thought again and is the car which is sufficient as a truck.
It means that what I in particular liked is easy to run in a residential area to be flexible.
Because there is the parking lot of the company where I work in a residential area, if the smallest radius of gyration is big too much, driving is toilsome, but I considerably like it because this Canter truck can get on easily.
Furthermore, it is the truck of light oil specifications, but feels almost none of the vibration to be, too.
There was the image that the diesel car was noisy by all means, and vibration had a big, but the image was renovated by this car.
I am troubled which car you introduce with the president of company and introduced the shop of various used cars together that the result that turned around is pricewise just right, but an aspect convenient really in various ways is found when I get on.
If it is the present car, possibly I may be ordinary, but can reduce the risk because the ABS is equipped with even if a something accident almost gets up.
Because it is the truck which cares about such a safety, we use it with pleasure.